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28 September 2014
Fly Worship

Fly Worship

Fly Worship is one of the first multitrack players to appear on the scene. Founded by Brenton Brown, Fly is a UK based company offering a full-featured system to enable churches to use multitracks in a highly coordinated manner with their worship service flow. Fly comes in several versions at different price and feature levels. The information on this page is for their Version 4.


Fly Worship works with content provided by Fly’s extensive catalog of over 700 pre-recorded songs, which also includes songs from Lifeway. The songs typically contain:

  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Acoustic
  • Keys
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Click/Metronome
Content Cost

You can review cost for the content on the Fly Worship site. All content comes in a format designed for use in Fly Worship. Fly does have the ability to import your own content, at added cost. You must purchase and download your content from Fly and import it into the app.

Windows PC Mac Android iPad iPhone Linux
Audio Playback Features
Loop and Jump Tempo Change Key Change Mute Solo Track Control Click or Metr Pads/Link Tracks Preset Mixes
X X X X X X Pre-recorded X X
Fly Worship

Fly Worship

Audio Output Features
Separate Click Multi Outs Cues
Control Features
Keyboard Bluetooth MIDI MIDI Expression Pedal
Other Features
Set Lists Chord Chart Display Lyric Display
X * X

As of Version 4, Fly’s lyric display window for musicians can also include chord symbols if they are added in the lyrics. Fly’s congregational lyric presentation capabilities are the most advanced of any multitrack player available and include both static and video backgrounds,and additional service elements.

Player Cost

You can see Fly Worship’s pricing information for their software/hardware/content bundles on their web site.  They do offer a free version.

Key Advantages

Fly Worship’s team has obviously given a lot of thought into the overall experience their software helps to create, and to many key problems worship bands must solve. This is evident in some of the features of their solution like preset mixes, looping, lyric projection, etc. For users where their content library fits the worship needs who can commit to Fly as a long-term solution, Fly offers a great deal of advantages.