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19 December 2017


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Guidetracks is a relatively new site, dedicated to providing good value track resources for many modern worship songs.


Guidetracks resources can be used in any multitrack application that supports user content, and also in full featured DAW applications. Their instrumental tracks can be used in any media player application.  They also provide content for Worshipsong Band, including chord charts integrated into each song file.

  • Multi Tracks: Guidetracks multi tracks consist of 6-10 tracks each, most with vocals.  For well-known songs, their arrangements mirror the arrangements of the original artists. Guidetracks multitracks come in WAV format.
  • Worshipsong Band: Most of Guidetracks multitracks can also be purchased in Worshipsong Band format.  These tracks come in compressed OGG format, with integrated section markers and chord charts.

Guidetracks has about 100  multitracks currently. They include many different themes, including Christmas and Easter selections.


Guidetracks multi tracks are sold for $8 to $13. They routinely go on sale for $5 per track.