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19 October 2014

IRig Blueboard Device Review

The IRig Blueboard is a Bluetooth LE MIDI controller that is one of the first MIDI over Bluetooth devices to hit the market. It was launched in 2013 as a way to bring a low-cost foot switch controller to MAC and IOS software applications.


The IRig Blueboard is used as a 4-button foot switch that can also accept up to two expression pedals, giving a total of six parameters that can be controlled without banking. It is battery powered and wireless, meaning that it is an excellent choice for mobile performers.

On IOS, the IRig MIDI interface is accessed via the iRig Blueboard app, which runs in the background and converts the Bluetooth interface to MIDI commands that can be recognized by any MIDI compatible app. The app provides capability to define which controls are sent for each physical button, including common MIDI commands.

Hardware Compatibility

The IRig Blueboard can run with any Mac or IOS device that supports Bluetooth 4.0, which includes any IPhone 5 or better, and IPad 3 or better, All IPad Mini models, and IPod Tough 5th generation. Any Bluetooth 4.0/LE Mac is also supported.

TRS expansion-jack compatible foot pedals can be interfaced through the IRig Blueboard.

Software Compatibility

Apps that run on the supported platforms that accept MIDI input are compatible with this controller. This includes:

  • Loop Community Prime
  • WorshipSong Band
  • Multitracks.com Playback
  • Any MIDI compatible DAW application such as Apple Garageband

The IRig Bluebooard, as of this writing, is generally around $99 US Dollars. The MIDI translation app is free.