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28 September 2014

iSing Worship

The iSingWorship app is an IPad and IPhone app put out by the UK based Innervation Trust ministry. iSingWorship offers innovative technology with a slightly different focus, targeting small worship gatherings with an extremely flexible, usable, and cost effective product.


iSingWorship works with content purchased through the in-app interface. They offer a large set of songs, which can be viewed on their site. Rather than providing a full set of multitracks, the iSingWorship app allows the leader to switch on or off vocals, acoustic guitar, and a backing track composed of the rest of the instruments. The content is recorded in a special Seamless Audio Transition Technology (SATT) format that allows free sequencing and looping of sections in a musically pleasing manner. This is different from most ‘looping’ multitrack players that may not provide seamless transitions throughout the song in many cases, depending on how the recording was made.

Content Cost

You can review cost for the content on the iSingWorship website. Since iSingWorship offers a solution that sits between traditional backing tracks and full multitracks, their content is priced accordingly, and is quite reasonable. All content comes in a format designed for the app only and includes vocals and digital chord chart capability.

Windows PC Mac Android iPad iPhone Linux
Audio Playback Features

Loop and Jump Tempo Change Key Change Mute Solo Track Control Click or Metr Pads/Link Tracks Preset Mixes

* = iOS only

iSing Worship

iSing Worship

Audio Output Features
Separate Click Multi Outs Cues
Control Features
Keyboard Bluetooth MIDI MIDI Expression Pedal
Other Features
Set Lists Chord Chart Display Lyric Display
Player Cost

iSingWorship is currently free on the IOS App Store.

Key Advantages

iSingWorship offers a lot of capability for the money. This software is a very well thought tool for small gatherings and solo leaders. It’s can work for chord charts, lyrics, and backing tracks in a very cost effective and easy to use manner in settings where the song library is suitable. The content cost is not much more than traditional backing tracks, especially considering the app has the ability to be a digital chord chart as well.