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26 September 2014

Loop Community Prime

Loop Community Prime is an IPad app that is an outgrowth of the popular Loop Community multitrack and loop resource site that features track content from both industry sources and church users around the world. Many users of these resources use full DAW environments such as Ableton or Mainstage. The Loop Community Prime app was created in response to the desire for an easier to use playback application.


Prime works with any content purchased from LoopCommunity.com or uploaded to your account on LoopCommunity. This encompasses both original master stems from popular worship artists and ‘Community Tracks” created by other worship leaders or producers and sold through Loop Community. There are thousands to choose from, and a free monthly track is offered.

Content Cost

You can review cost for the content on the Loop Community site. You can buy content in WAV format and therefore be used in other compatible software applications, subject to licensing terms of the sale. Tracks are cheaper if you but the versions that can only be used within Prime. You must connect to your Loop Community account through the app to download content purchased or uploaded to the site, and content availability is via user login.

Windows PC Mac Android iPad iPhone Linux
Audio Playback Features
Loop & Jump Tempo Change Key Change Mute Solo Track Control Click or Metr Pads/Link Tracks
X X X X X X Pre-Recorded

Audio Output Features
Separate Click Multi Outs Cues
Control Features
Keyboard Bluetooth MIDI MIDI Expression Pedal

MIDI control is provided for stopping and stopping songs, and expression pedals may also be used. Loop Community offers their own USB MIDI controller, called Looptimus, for Prime and other DAW playback applications.

Other Features
Set Lists Chord Chart Display Lyric Display
Player Cost

Free – Loop Community Prime is currently free on the IOS App Store.

Key Advantages

The content library is extensive at Loop Community. A content investment in their resources will allow you to grow into a full featured DAW based playback environment like Ableton, where you can use full  sound boards, professional audio interfaces, etc. Prime’s features have grown since it’s release to make it a popular multitrack player choice.