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18 October 2014
Praise Charts


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PraiseCharts is a complete resource provider for churches of all sizes. Their catalog includes everything from complete sheet-music orchestral arrangements to multitracks. They have been a growing provider of church resources for the past 10 years, and handle both large label music and independent artists.


PraiseCharts resources can be used in any multitrack application that supports user content, and also in full featured DAW applications. Their instrumental tracks can be used in any media player application.

  • Multi Tracks: PraiseCharts multi tracks consist of 7-10 tracks each, without vocals. They are available in multiple keys, selected for congregational singability. For well-known songs, their arrangements mirror the arrangements of the original artists. PraiseCharts multitracks come in MP3 format, and they match the arrangements of their chord charts. Their most popular multi tracks come ready to be used in WorshipSong Band.
  • Band Tracks: Band tracks consist of the same instrumentation as multi tracks, but mixed down into a single instrumental MP3 stereo track.
  • Rhythm Tracks: Rhythm tracks are single instrumental stereo tracks designed to augment a keyboardist or guitarist who needs more percussion or bass to fill out their sound.
  • Click Tracks: Rhythm tracks are stereo tracks with a click metronome panned to one side and a basic pad panned to the other. They are designed to provide a click for the band to follow and pads to underlay a band’s sound.

PraiseCharts selection ranges from over 200 multitracks to over 500 rhythm tracks. They include many different themes, including Christmas and Easter selections.


PraiseCharts multi tracks are sold on the basis of ‘credits’. Credits are sold on a sliding scale, and the best value is to buy 100 credits as a time (Diamond Level). At this level, a multitrack costs around $11, and a Rhyhm Track about $2.50.