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28 September 2014

Worship Backing Band

Worship Backing Band is produced by the folks at Musicademy, a part of a collection of worship music resources put out by the UK-based company. The current generation of their product is the Multitrack Pro Wav Player, and Worship Backing Band for IPad.


While the player can import 3rd party content, most users use the large library of content of over 300 songs offered by Musicademy, including most of the CCLI top 100 songs, and Christmas songs. The standard format the these resources are:

  • Click (shaker or natura, both providedl)
  • Lead Vocals
  • BGVs
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitars (2)
  • Keyboards (2)
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Extras
  • Vocal Cues

These are recorded by Musicademy in congregationally friendly keys delivered as WAV files for PC, and in compressed audio format for IPad. They also deliver one free track per month, typically a new song from their network of contributors. Chord charts are available for all songs. All WAV content can be used in other software applications easily.  Tracks come with an Ableton project file so its easy to move between Worship Backing Band and Ableton, and the IPad version of each track uses the same open file formats used by Worshipsong Band.

Content Cost

You can review cost for the Multitrack stems here.

Windows PC Mac Android iPad iPhone Linux
Audio Playback Features
Loop and Jump Tempo Change Key Change Mute Solo Track Control Click or Metr Pads/Link Tracks Preset Mixes
X X X X X X Pre-recorded IPad

Worship Backing Band for iPad

Worship Backing
Worship Backing Band for PC/Mac


Audio Output Features

Separate Click Multi Outs Cues

Worship Backing Band allows other audio tracks to be mixed with the click (essentially a second mix for the band).

Control Features
Keyboard Bluetooth MIDI MIDI Expression Pedal
X IPad IPad IPad
Other Features
Set Lists Chord Chart Display Lyric Display
Yes No No
Player Cost

You can review cost information for the Musicademy Multitrack Pro Wav Player, here.

Key Advantages

The people at Musicademy have been in the business of supporting multitrack playback technology for quite a while, and it shows in the features of their product and content. With their offerings you get good customer support, good selection of content, a proven playback solution, and many related resources designed to help you succeed. Their flexible and open ownership based content approach is a big advantage.